Top 4 Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

There are many Uptime Monitoring Tool websites over the internet that show different results but we are telling you the right tools to monitor your website uptime performance. 

Now, Let's See a list of the best website monitoring Tools - 


Uptime Booster has become the right choice when it comes to the top uptime monitoring tools. This only online platform will give you awesome tools and features where you can check your uptime website performance easily and can get instant notifications via email. 

Uptime Booster offers an uptime monitoring platform and public status pages. You can automatically test your website’s uptime with a free subscription. Uptime Booster monitors HTTP, DNS, IP, and an HTTP header, PING On top of that, you can keep an eye on Domain, Servers, and SSL certificates.

Uptime Booster offers a free subscription package, with 1 monitor and 5 minutes monitoring frequency. Uptime Booster offers subscription models - Free plan only. Uptime Booster also integrates with several status page tools.

Uptime Booster

Main Benefits of Uptime Booster

  • Free subscription package
  • Uptime track your websites, servers, and port availability with ease
  • Can track cron jobs 
  • Get Instant notification Via Email
  • Provided free tools ( DNS Lookup, IP lookup, SSL Lookup, who is lookup, ping, website hosting checker, HTTP headers lookup, google cache checker, URL redirect checker)
  • Easy UI
  • Reliable monitoring and alerts when your website is down
  • Money Saving
  • Can’t lose our website visitor

Every website owner uses this kind of software to be alerted when their websites are not available so that they can act immediately and improve performance. Uptime is especially important when you are working on an important project or paying bills online. It's not good news when the website goes down in the middle of making a major purchase. Unfortunately, websites do not always operate as planned.

So what are you waiting for? If your website goes down and you are not able to find the website problems then Uptime Booster is the right source for you. Visit this website once - and solve your website problems as soon as possible. This is the only platform that will make your website perfect and will keep your website visitors as it is. 


This is another free internet-based uptime monitoring tool that can check for any downtime every five minutes free. This tool can check for numerous sorts like HTTP(s), keywords, ping, and ports.

You can decide to get informed through SMS, email, Slack, Telegram, HipChat, or message pop-ups. You can check numerous details, such as uptime, downtime, response time, etc. They additionally support public status pages and monitoring from different locations.

In their Pro plan which costs $5.50/month, UptimeRobot offers 1-minute monitoring intervals, 50 to 500 monitors, SSL monitoring, advanced notifications, and another thing.

Uptime Robots

Main Benefits of Uptime Robots

  • Website monitoring
  • SSL monitoring
  • Ping monitoring
  • Port monitoring
  • Cron job monitoring
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Advanced notification options
  • Unlimited no. of Status pages 


Pingdom is a well-known uptime monitoring solution. It allows users to monitor their website from over 100 locations around the world and get alerted the second it stops working. Pingdom offers its clients a straightforward status page that can be customized with personal brands and can show important checks as it were. The Pingdom status pages are free for every one of their clients, and they can be set up in under 10 seconds.

Pingdom offers multiple services such as uptime monitoring, real user monitoring, page speed monitoring, synthetic interaction testing, instant alerting, and root cause analysis. More than 850,000 users use Pingdom to analyze their website’s performance so you know this tool is very popular.

PINGDOM is also a top online uptime monitoring tool. Pingdom offers a comprehensive list of features to monitor everything from speed to user experience.


Key Features

Uptime monitoring: Pingdom, not only checks the availability of your applications, and servers - it likewise gives you detailed information so you can rapidly fix any issues. It has also added features such as Color-coded chart bars, Web analytics tool, Bounce rate checker, SSL certificate monitoring and alerting, Cloud performance monitoring, Joomla monitoring, Server uptime monitoring, and many more website uptime history

Main Benefits of Pingdom

  • Many advanced monitoring features you won’t find elsewhere
  • Specialized solutions for different industries and different challenges
  • Detailed reporting provides you with all the information you need to improve your site


Uptime offers solutions for monitoring, alerting, detailing, and status pages. In uptime monitoring, you get information from bulk management, SSL monitoring, Content Matching, API calls, Virus and malware checking, Synthetics, and Ping. The checking interval is 60 seconds.

What's more, Uptime likewise offers a solution for Real User Monitoring and Reporting. The information gathered is visualized in custom dashboards. You can assign a custom dashboard in light of their job in the group. Automated reporting permits you to send uptime monitoring information via automated links or API on a frequency you decide.


Main benefits of Uptime

  • Real User Monitoring
  • A lot of integrations are available
  • Status pages


Uptime monitoring is something that you can't disregard assuming you run something on the web which is significant for your business. Traffic spikes, malware attacks, data center problems, etc. can cause server downtime. Pick any monitoring tool which suits all your requirements and be ready if anytime any downtime happens.

Uptime monitoring is a vital service to any website. It's how you can make sure your site is available and running at all times.